Welcome to the Washington County Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Application.  To provide emergency business assistance grants to small local businesses in Washington County adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington County Small Business Relief Fund will provide grants of up to $15,000 to employee-based small businesses and $7,500 for self-employed entrepreneurs.  Employee-based businesses will be prioritized for funding and self-employed entrepreneurs and home-based businesses will be wait-listed pending fund availability.  
 Funds can only be used for Federal CARES Act eligible COVID-19 related or incurred public health emergency business operating expenses, including rent payments, mortgage payments, payments to suppliers, payments to private utility companies or other critical non-payroll business expenses (including expenses related to reopening) as approved by MCCD and the CDA. If any other COVID-19 related business assistance grant funds were received from the SBA Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, local city or township grants and/or State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Washington County funds may NOT be used for the same expenses that were paid with other sources of funds. By Federal CARES Act regulations, funds may not be used for government utility (i.e. water and sewer) expenses or for the payment of federal, state, local tax obligations which includes property and sales tax.  If you have questions about the applications, please contact MCCD at wccovidrelief@mccdmn.org

Eligible Businesses
● Must be a locally owned and operated for-profit business with a physical address documenting business establishment in Washington County. Multiple individual businesses located in Washington County that are owned by one owner are eligible to apply.
● For up to the maximum $15,000 funding limit, businesses must have at least one FTE (full time equivalent) employee in addition to the owner as of March 1, 2020 and not more than 75 employees, and generate under $5.0 million in annual revenues.
● Must have been operating as of January 1st, 2020.
● If required by the state or local government, businesses must be licensed and in good standing. Property taxes must have been current prior to March 1, 2020.
● Business must demonstrate a significant loss in revenue since March 15 (no credit score or collateral requirements apply).
● Self-Employed and Home-based businesses are eligible; however, priority will be given to employer businesses with separate non-residential property addresses. Separate funding level (up to $7,500 maximum) for home-based businesses with no employees or for self-employed entrepreneurs that have no employees that have a physical location for their business in Washington County other than their personal residence. All other terms and conditions of these policies apply to any home-based or self-employed businesses.

Certain businesses are ineligible, including:
● Non-profit, religious or membership-based organizations.
● Corporate owned chains are ineligible to receive funding (however, locally owned franchise businesses are eligible).
● Businesses in default conditions prior to February 29, 2020.

● Businesses that primarily derive income from: gambling, adult entertainment, pawned merchandise, guns, passive investments, real estate transactions, property rentals or property management, billboards, or lobbying

 Welcome to the New Brighton Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grants.  
Funds can be used for operating expenses, including rent payments, mortgage payments, utilities, payments to suppliers, production of business contingency plans, technical assistance/reopening services, technology capital or marketing assistance/tools, security or other critical non-payroll business expenses (including expenses related to reopening) as approved by the fund administrator.

Eligible Businesses
Small Businesses with Employees (1 to 40 employees) and Self-employed/sole proprietor
(up to $7,500 in qualified expenses)
• Must be a locally owned and operated for-profit business with a physical establishment in the City of New Brighton or resident of the City of New Brighton
• Shared commercial spaces and homebased businesses
• Home-based businesses must document that the business is a primary source of income and located in the city of New Brighton
• Must have been operating for at least 6 months prior to March 1, 2020
• Must be licensed and in good standing, if applicable
• Must demonstrate a significant loss in revenue since March 15 (no credit score or collateral requirements apply)

Welcome to the City of Roseville's Small Business Relief Grant Application.  

This grant program is intended to be a program that awards based on need.  We will process all applications   

Minimum & Maximum Grant Amounts – grant award to be determined based on need*

$10,000 max

$1,500 min

*Grant award amounts will be based upon need - businesses with the most demonstrated need will receive the maximum funding and businesses not able to demonstrate need would not be funded. Grant numbers and amounts will be driven by available funding and number of applicants eligible to be funded.

Program Parameters

Business must provide the following information to assist in determining need:

· # of employees – including yourself if self-employed and any family members employed

· Amount of gross revenue loss

· Review of the business’s monthly revenues & expenditures from 1-1-20 thru 4-30-20. Businesses established prior to COVID shall provide pre-COVID comparable monthly revenues & expenditures.

· Business owner/operator shall have their business located in Roseville, or for home-based businesses be a resident of City of Roseville

· Business must have been established on or before December 1, 2019

· Disclose receipt of other grant/loan funds through Federal, State or County assistance programs and how that money was spent

Program administrator will use discretion by prioritizing those that need funding the most based upon the pool of applicants, review of the above criteria, and demonstrated need.

Eligible Businesses

Businesses ordered to close by Governor’s executive orders

Businesses that can demonstrate revenue loss due to COVID – including home-based businesses, self-employed, and individual contractors 

Businesses needing assistance to fund operating costs, including retention of employees due to loss of revenue

Businesses needing assistance to purchase and/or be reimbursed for COVID safety materials/supplies, equipment, and professional service costs associated with the drafting of preparedness plans

Businesses without a physical storefront but the owner/operator resides in the City of Roseville (i.e. home-based businesses, etc). 

Ineligible Businesses

Businesses with annual gross revenues greater than $1 million

Chain retail – unless a local franchisee can demonstrate no other COVID business assistance funding was received 

Essential businesses not ordered to close and which can’t demonstrate revenue loss

Businesses that derive income from passive investments without operational ties to operational businesses

Businesses that engage in sexually explicit goods/services

Businesses that engage in gambling enterprises

Businesses that engage in activities prohibited by law

Businesses that earn revenue from pyramid schemes, lending services and/or day trading/short-term investments

Qualified Expenses

a. Uses: Awarded funds may be used exclusively for current payroll obligations (i.e. may not include employees who have been laid off), lease or mortgage payments, accounts payable, and other critical business expenses that can’t be paid as a direct result of the current health emergency. Awarded funds may not be used for payment of property or other taxes, for payment of municipal utility bills, or for the business owner’s/manager’s personal uses or expenses

b. Proof of Need: Applicants shall be required to provide proof of financial need for grant funds. This includes but is not limited to the previous year’s annual gross revenue, average monthly gross revenue prior to COVID-19, and projected monthly gross revenue for the next three months. Additionally, as noted above, applicants are encouraged to provide evidence of application submittal, acceptance, approval and/or denial of State and federal emergency financing programs. 

c. Proof of Expenses: Applicant shall provide proof of eligible expenses requested to be paid with grant funds. See list of eligible grant uses above. Applicant must provide evidence of how awarded funds are actually spent, and may not request payment of any eligible expense from more than one grantor.ying

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